29 June 2012


I honestly don't know if this is "safe for work" or not - it probably depends on where you work.  You'll have to take a peek and decide for yourself.


  1. Hysterical!! she's obviously done that before...

  2. Four-and-a-half minutes straight of belly laughs. That is marvelous, one of the funniest routines I've ever seen. M'Stan, do you know anything about its origin? Russian, I suppose?

    1. I don't know, Swift, The Cyrillic script suggests a general area, and the ambience to me suggests not a conventional strip club, but rather a hired performer for some special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.)

    2. That sounds plausible. Maybe the guy she (?) pulls out on the floor with her is the birthday or anniversary boy. In any case, a really good sport. And her costume is brilliant. That can't have been easy to make; you simply can't tell there's a human body under it. The illusion is just about perfect.

  3. The Joke with the triple bikini top, originated from the first episode of a popular, classic Soviet cartoon, widely known to people who lived behind the Iron Curtain. I'm not sure if it was the origin of that joke, it can only be as old as the bikini, right? -- ah the magic of Youtube



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