13 October 2016

Messerschmitt KR175

The Messerschmitt KR175 microcar (1953–1955) was the first vehicle built by Messerschmitt under its 1952 agreement with Fritz Fend... Approximately 15,000 were built before it was replaced by the Messerschmitt KR200 in 1956.
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Via Lushlight.


  1. I was stationed in West Germany with my folks ca. 1959-1963, and I remember seeing these micros. Another one I recall was the squat micro that opened at the _front_, a BMW product; see here:


    I _think_ one of these was featured in various episodes of _Family Matters_. Steve Urkel drove one in his latter teen years.


  2. Now that looks a whole lot better than the atrocities we have around our parts...


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