13 October 2016

2.2 MB

"Univac 9000 Series disk cartridge prototype with a 2.2 MB capacity  1966"
Via Sloth Unleashed.


  1. I never dealt with those, but the first hard drive I ever worked with was a 5 MB cartridge about the same size (though round), for a DEC VAX 11/750

  2. Found some more info on what might be the original of this image:
    "1966 Univac 9000 Series disk cartridge prototype, 2.2 MB capacity. Considered too expensive at the time, the technology used to develop this ended up as Univac’s 8400-series disk pack, which held four platters in a large removable drop-in cartridge the size of a washing-basket – the first removable disk based storage system to reach market, in 1971."
    - http://charliedillon.org/post/142312830280/1966-univac-9000-series-disk-cartridge-prototype


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