26 February 2015

YouTube anniversary video compilation

I'm not officially "back" at the blogging desk, but I wanted to post this brief compilation of excerpts from approximately 200 videos to keep you busy until I do come back.

The best feature is this playlist, which not only lists the videos, but supplements them with thumbnails.  And... if you play one of the videos in the playlist, it will automatically segue to the next video in the compilation - probably about 500 minutes of watching if you start at the first one and cycle all the way through.

It's almost scary how many of these are instantly recognizable from just a 1-second clip.


  1. :-) hey, kids, why don't you go and watch some tv. :-)


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OH, MY.

    Need to go change my Depends now... (after watching selectively)

    Thanks for the belly laughs!


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