31 October 2022

I remember full-sized Snickers at Halloween

Reposted from 2016 because this is my favorite Halloween cartoon ever.

And reposted again to add this link re shrinkflation affecting Halloween treats.

Our house will once again be offering children a choice between a minibag of chips or a rather nice seashell.  In recent years the choices have been about equal between the two.


  1. We sometimes see full sized candy bars in my area if folks go to the big warehouse stores to buy candy. I grew up a good chunk of my youth a few blocks from a candy factory so we got tons of "old lady" parlor candies in our trick-or-treat bags because they were so cheap from the factory.

    I miss the homemade treats folks gave out in the old days, these days folks treat someone like a freak or would-be poisoner if they try to give kids brownies, candy apples, or popcorn clusters.

  2. My kids get a half dozen full-sized bars every year, and last year some maniac was giving out *king-sized* Snicker's bars.

  3. I trick or treated in the 80s and got popcorn balls & sugar cookies on occasion. We knew our neighbors and trusted them, and the personal touch was nice. But the house handing out full sized candy bars was mythical, we chased rumors of them all over the neighborhood.

  4. I give out full sized bars every year because I remember just how amazing it felt to get one while trick-or-treating. That being said, I don't usually get more than 50 kids. I could imagine it getting expensive in some neighborhoods.

  5. Candy bar shrinkflation may be good - fewer calories per bar. You can now eat, oh, ten bars, and ingest only eight bars worth of calories!

  6. There are apparently three world records that I hold:

    1. I seem to have gotten more good spankings than anyone else.

    2. I was 21 when I got my last spanking (yep, but that's an east Tennessee dad for you--still love him to death).

    3. Going trick or treating until I was 15...and some lady placing candy doubtfully in my bag said, "You're a little old to be doing this, aren't you?"


  7. We gave out full sized crunch bars, Baby Ruth's, 100 grands, and butterfingers this year. Luckily we had about 70 treaters. So they were all taken. I cannot take the temptation.

  8. My Mom gave out pennies and apples. I'm surprised no one burned our house down.

    1. That brings up an interesting memory for me. I think I remember reading somewhere that you could let trick-or-treat children reach into a bowl and keep as many pennies as they could hold in one hand. That would depend on the cost of the candy compared to the size of the child/hand. I've tried to Google the question but found nothing. Maybe nothing exists.


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