02 November 2016

I'm old enough to remember full-sized Snickers at Halloween

I was busy on Halloween and forgot to repost my favorite cartoon on the topic.  Better late than never.


  1. We sometimes see full sized candy bars in my area if folks go to the big warehouse stores to buy candy. I grew up a good chunk of my youth a few blocks from a candy factory so we got tons of "old lady" parlor candies in our trick-or-treat bags because they were so cheap from the factory.

    I miss the homemade treats folks gave out in the old days, these days folks treat someone like a freak or would-be poisoner if they try to give kids brownies, candy apples, or popcorn clusters.

  2. My kids get a half dozen full-sized bars every year, and last year some maniac was giving out *king-sized* Snicker's bars.

  3. I trick or treated in the 80s and got popcorn balls & sugar cookies on occasion. We knew our neighbors and trusted them, and the personal touch was nice. But the house handing out full sized candy bars was mythical, we chased rumors of them all over the neighborhood.

  4. I give out full sized bars every year because I remember just how amazing it felt to get one while trick-or-treating. That being said, I don't usually get more than 50 kids. I could imagine it getting expensive in some neighborhoods.


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