01 August 2014

"Canadian tuxedo" explained

"As August is just around the corner, now seems like an appropriate time to let you know that both Glamour and Marie Claire... are advocating for the Canadian Tuxedo as The Look for the rest of summer... Marie Claire and Glamour's August issues are devoted to
More pix and opinions at Jezebel.  With apologies to the many Canadian readers of this blog (who may or may not be offended by the terminology).

A hat tip to reader MathDad for finding a link to a commercial site extolling the Canadian tuxedo (denim ties and bowties available to complete the outfit).


  1. Offended? Never! Not if you believe the apocryphal tale of the CT's first official sighting at a Winnipeg wedding in 1973. http://thecanadiantuxedo.com/about/

  2. Offended? Never!

    Here is Tobin Elliot's description of an Ontario provincial variant, known as the "Muskoka Dinner Jacket".

    Muskoka is one of many regions designated as "Cottage Country".

    "I boldly walked right into the middle of the intersection, a dirty kid dressed in unlaced workboots, jeans, a t-shirt and a flannel lumberjacket (also known as a Kenora or Muskoka dinner jacket), hair wild and greasy, and an angry expression of hate for all things touristy."


  3. Remember that Steve Nash TV commercial? Nash celebrates his Canadian roots by proudly wearing a Canadian Tux.


    Love it.


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