29 December 2010

"...coming to you live."

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  1. Jerry the DallasiteDecember 29, 2010 at 1:57 PM

    That is funny, but I can top it. Two years ago, on the way home from work via bus, I heard about a fire at the apartment complex the wife and I were then living in. When I arrived, I saw that the fire was in the building next to ours, but not yet threatening it. I went around the crowd outside, trying to locate the wife. I gave up and asked the cop on duty if I can make a quick trip to my apt. to check it out. Yes, he said, so I got inside and found the wife watching that selfsame fire on the TV news program! I didn't know whether to chew her out for staying in that apt., laugh, or just cry. (We got out all right. Place was untouched.)


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