09 September 2008

How much does a full stein of beer weigh?

"A waitress carried 12 liter-sized glasses of beer in a beer tent during the Gillamoos folk festival in Abensberg, Germany." Image and caption credit here.


  1. Weight of the beer is around 2.2 lbs for a liter.


    Weight of the stein I have seen from 3-4 lbs. Averaging around 3.3 lbs for ones that look similar to those pictured.

    So 5.5 lbs x 12 = 66 lbs! The equivalant of holding a 30+ lb dumbell in each hand with a shifting grip.

    The women pictured definitely has very strong tendons in her arms to easily hold them perpendicular like that.

  2. a genuine full stein of beer weighs 20 pounds a real stein measurement of beer is 20 pounds if it's full of beer. Stein is a measure of weight in Germany and in most parts of Germany a stein or stone, is 20the pounds. However, it has been a victim of slang. Most any glass of beer is called a stein in germany which is incorrect.


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