04 March 2008

One year doesn't define a climate... BUT...

...you still have to be impressed by the data from the past year. The graph above comes from the Hadley Center for Climate Prediction; it shows 20 years of data left to right and one degree of variation top to bottom. Similar graphs from NASA and other places are compiled and discussed here. As the author says, "...this is an anomaly with a large magnitude, and it coincides with other anecdotal weather evidence. It is curious, it is unusual, it is large, it is unexpected..."

These data do not per se prove or disprove anything; it has been suggested that the decline in global temps during this past year as shown on the graph is a reflection of reduced solar activity. I'm not taking a position in this blog re "global warming" or "climate shift," and I post this today only because it's interesting data to consider.

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