06 February 2019

Expensive vintage n.b.c. gum

“A fellow collector and I got a lead on a National Colgan’s Taffy Tolu gum vendor from a Chicago dealer who had found it in an old barn. We decided rather than try to outbid each other, we would make a fair bid and purchase the machine together. Pleased with our $2,000 purchase, I took it home and opened it up and cleaned it. I was pleasantly surprised to find seventeen sticks of Colgan’s Taffy Tolu Chewing Gum inside...

Each collector I called couldn’t wait to get their hands on a few sticks of this mystery gum, as none of them had this brand in their collection. In the end, my partner and I sold thirteen sticks of the gum for $300 to $350 each, making a $4,000 profit without even selling the machine!”
The rest of the story is at Collector's Weekly. (image cropped for size from the original)

If you've read this far, you'll want to also read about Seattle's "Gum Wall" (a.b.c gum).

1 comment:

  1. Visitors to the gum wall may want to be prepared that it doesn't just smell like gum, it smells like mouths. Absolutely worth a visit, but perhaps don't go on a hot day.


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