09 December 2018

A bike lock that's "better than nothing"


  1. I've lived in The Netherlands for about four years now, and every bike here (well, except maybe super expensive racing bikes) has a rear wheel ring lock. The metal lock mounts on the frame and extends around the rear tire. When locked, the ring is extended through the spokes of the rear tire, immobilising the bike. When the lock is open for riding, the key can't be removed. They are difficult to get off or break, and if you lose your key, the cycle shops will charge about €15 to use an angle grinder to cut it off, but they are often suspicious of strangers who come in and ask for this.

    High end locks are about €40, and some now come as keyless, remote-operated versions. One manufacturer, Van Moof, which is available in the US, even offer an anti-theft internal GPS device, and they will send their bike hunters out to find your bike if someone steals it.


  2. Wow. It didn't even require using two hands to snip right through that. That "lock" would be a true waste of money.


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