11 August 2018

"Our boys need and deserve books"

Yesterday I was reading one of my John Dickson Carr mysteries, in this case a paperback edition published in 1943, and noticed the page above.  Apparently during wartime you could mail a used paperback book to the Army and Navy libraries for a 3c stamp.

Also of some interest was the following list on the next couple pages at the back of the book, listing best-sellers for 1943 (for this company, which obviously leaned toward mysteries).  But interesting anyway.

#232 reminded me how much I was enthralled by Eric Ambler's A Coffin for Dimitrios when I read it decades ago - staying up most of a night to finish it, as I recall.  I think (hope) I have sufficiently forgotten the plot twist that I'll be able to read and enjoy it again.


  1. I remember watching my parents box up paperbacks to send to troops in Vietnam. I was very young, but I distinctly recall that a lot of them were James Bond novels.

  2. i have been enjoying the doctor thorndyke medical jurisprudence stories. you can d/l them at http://gutenberg.net.au/plusfifty-a-m.html and look for freeman.



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