01 August 2018


Rear dashcam documents a driver intentionally swerving into puddles to splash pedestrians.

Via the Videos subreddit, where the discussion thread includes some readers' experiences.

Addendum:  A tip of the blogging cap to reader David Laidlaw, who found that the van driver was fired.


  1. I hope that no one is surprised at this video. I have run over 100,000 miles, cycled about 150,000 miles, and I walk 50-75 miles a year. Drivers purposely splashing me is a given whenever it has rained. Once I was running on a road in Kentucky after a rainstorm. I was already soaked, so I had no worries about more water. A van from a local HVAC company came towards me, veered over the white line on the right of the lane toward me where there was a huge puddle, almost a pond. Hidden by that water was a crater, probably 2 feet around and and at least 18 inches deep. That van hit that hole, bottomed out, the suspension gave way and the right wheel folded under the truck. The truck came to a stop in a muddy filed. no one was hurt, and I felt really bad.

    The new thing now is "Rolling Coal," from diesel trucks. Really great when you are on a bike...

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_coal

    2. You hope that no-one is surprised? This sounds like you're saying "I hope this awful behaviour is normalised everywhere, that my experience is representative." I don't know what you meant to convey but I'm sure that's not it.

  2. The past month has been so dreadfully hot that I'm almost jealous of the guy at 0:28 ;)


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