01 August 2018

Big Fukang meteorite

Slab shown above (via).  The original weighed 1,000 kg.
The Fukang pallasite contains large, gem quality olivine, or peridot, in a nickel-iron matrix. The olivines vary in shape from rounded to angular, many are fractured and they range in size from less than five millimetres to several centimetres. The main mass contains several regions of massive olivine clusters up to eleven centimetres (4.3 inches) in diameter with thin metal veins.
Here's more (via):

Very impressive.  I didn't know they could be so beautiful - thought they were just stone or metal.  More on pallasites. You learn something every day.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. I noticed that afterwards. You do learn something every day, but you don't always remember it.

  2. Where do you find this stone?

    1. The links in the post indicate that it was found in China.


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