03 January 2017

What's wrong with people?

Why does a story like this even exist?  I know vandalism is part and parcel of numerous festivals and holidays around the world (and has been for decades), but wtf?


  1. Is it because newspapers know their biggest audience is pessimists?

  2. Drunk people definitely do a lot of stupid and annoying things, but at least part of this 'tradition' might be something that you could sympathize with. Let's say you're a poor disaffected youth who thinks his country is ignoring him. Maybe you're tired of getting stepped on by the 1%, with their fancy cars and fancy neighborhoods with top-priority infrastructure spending. How do you get people to notice where you live, the conditions where you live? Maybe you could burn a conspicuous piece of depreciating wealth. It doesn't hurt anybody. Insurance will pay for it anyway. But it gets their attention, no?

    1. Nothing there I can sympathize with. Understand perhaps, not not sympathize.

  3. What makes it worse is that some idiots are already conflating this with recent terrorist activity in Europe and claiming it is solely Muslims doing the arson. Morons.

  4. Just hope your car is not parked on a public street in a downtown area when your team wins the Super Bowl.

  5. The occasional display of inebriated stupidity was amplified over the years by
    - local rivalries, with youths revelling in having burned down more cars than the next city,
    - and more importantly, insurance fraud... Best way to get rid of your lemon, indistinguishible from the real thing!


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