29 January 2017

The seven "social sins"

  • Wealth without work. 
  • Pleasure without conscience. 
  • Knowledge without character. 
  • Commerce without morality. 
  • Science without humanity. 
  • Religion without sacrifice. 
  • Politics without principle. 
Published by Gandhi in 1925.
Regarding "politics without principle", Gandhi said having politics without truth(s) to justly dictate the action creates chaos, which ultimately leads to violence. Gandhi called these missteps "passive violence," ‘which fuels the active violence of crime, rebellion, and war.’ He said, "We could work 'til doomsday to achieve peace and would get nowhere as long as we ignore passive violence in our world."

Politics is literally defined as, "The struggle in any group for power that will give one or more persons the ability to make decisions for the larger group."

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