29 January 2017

Props to museum conservators

They never receive sufficient public credit for all the work they do.

Via Atlas Obscura.


  1. Remarkable work.
    That's the truth for many museum workers. Unless your position involves interfacing with the public regularly, you're pretty hidden. Some of the many other positions are: docent (tour guides), exhibit designers and fabricators (design, make, and install exhibits), education and outreach coordinator (manage public programming), curators (do research, apply for grants, make big decisions on the direction their sector of the museum goes), directors (in charge of the museum; the "face" of it; court big donors), collections managers (do the nitty-gritty care and management of collections), fossil preparators (remove rock from around fossils and put them in a state to be studied, sometimes exhibited), and any underlings of those positions. And of course a huge shoutout to the volunteers and interns, without whom many museums could not function.

  2. Or they could have gotten Cecilia Gimenez who "restored" the face of Christ in the painting Ecco Homo!

    Sorry, couldn't help that. As someone currently involved in photographic restorations, I can appreciate the painstaking effort, the long, laborious hours and attention to detail necessary to achieve such projects. Much deserved props, indeed!

  3. I've never been particularly interested in doing puzzles, but this is something I could get behind.


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