03 January 2017

Norwegian ancestors

In December my last remaining aunt died, at age 99.  In her belongings the family found many old photos, including the two embedded above.  These were tiny photos (3"x3"), originally encased in miniature wooden frames with no identifying information.  They were later stored and labeled "photos made in Norway.  Who are they?"  Of course we have no idea.

If they were direct lineal ancestors (rather than inlaws), they would have lived either in Distad in the Fjaerland Fjord and likely had the portraits done in Balestrand, or if they were related to my grandfather they might have lived in the Hemsedal/Hallingdal region (more likely I think).

The Norwegian side of my family emigrated to the United States in the 1850s, but these photos might have been sent to them later by relatives remaining behind.

If any readers have identical photos in their family albums, please let me know...


  1. Pictures from the 1800's are always so interesting. I know the people had to maintain the pose for several minutes if not ten or so. It's that intensity of concentration that comes through. Great pictures.

    1. Thanks for the explanation. I was going to post something about their jovial expressions, but now I'll resist. :)


    2. Tangentially related -


  2. Another reminded to people to LABEL YOUR PHOTOS. Names, dates, locations will all be appreciated by future generations.

  3. Same here. Have pictures of people I don't know; don't know if they are family or friends and no one left to tell me who they are. Should I pitch them? I feel like I'm hoarding for no apparent reason, maybe another family member will dump them when I'm dead, also not knowing who any of them are.


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