02 January 2017


Image cropped for size and brightened from the original posted at the Pics subreddit.


  1. Happy new year.
    It is only 2nd of January and you haven't slowed down a bit. Wow. Very impressive. I look forward to enjoying your 2017 posts like those of the last few years. I think I started checking TYWKIWDBI regularly around 2010. With all of the 'post-truth' hysteria that the internet has become, it is really nice to enjoy a ' just chill and smell the flowers' type blog. The next months and years are going to be hard for a lot of people, but we will get by.
    Keep up your great work.

  2. Happy New Year. I've been visiting since shortly after yous tarted the blog--back when the name was spelled out. I love the broad range of your posts, and find them very interesting, indeed. As the previous commenter mentioned, this year is going to be very difficult for many of us. TIWIKIWIDBI will be a ray of hope for all of us. Thank you!


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