15 January 2017

Class action lawsuits

If you have purchased a milk product in [any of the states highlighted above] since 2003, you are eligible to share in a $52 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit that accused milk cooperatives of conspiring to raise prices.
Applications can be filed online at www.boughtmilk.com.  You don't have to give details of your purchases.  You have until the end of January to file your claim.  More information at the Wisconsin State Journal.

The lawsuit administrator estimates that consumers could get between $45 and $70, but it could be a just few cents - depending on how many people apply

On the other hand... attorneys will receive $17.3 million of the settlement.

In another class-action lawsuit, a Johns Hopkins physician was found guilty of secretly taking sexually explicit photographs of his female patientsIn the settlement of that case, "each woman is set to receive between $1,750 and $26,048. A judge ordered that $32 million of the total settlement would go to attorneys..."

1 comment:

  1. What an absolutely terrible graphic! Since the map only uses black and white, there is nothing to indicate which states are "highlighted".

    My first assumption would be to associate white with milk and think those states colored in white were the ones they meant. Reading the actual list shows the exact opposite.


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