29 January 2017

An example of "bathmophobia"

When Donald Trump publicly held Teresa May's hand, many British observers were dismayed at his invasion of her personal space.  A column today in The Telegraph offers a different perspective:
The insider said that Mr Trump is known to have an aversion to slopes or stairs, and said this could have been the reason for the president's decision to grasp the Prime Minister’s hand.
Such a fear is a recognised condition - called bathmophobia...

Just as the couple reach the top of the slope, the president stretches out his left arm and grabs at Mrs May’s right hand. They then walk for about five steps before Mr Trump slides his left arm across and pats the underside of Mrs May’s hand, possibly grateful for her steadying presence.
We all know from public statements by his physician that Mr. Trump is in perfect superexcellent health, so his concern about slopes cannot be from cerebellar/motor problems.  He may well have a fear of going downhill.

The metaphors come pouring forth...


  1. Metaphors not required when the reality is a ticking time bomb.

  2. Thank you for posting this. There have been a couple moments throughout this whole whiz-bang Trump debacle where our household noted "unusual" hand-holding by Trump with Melania. Outside some grasps that appeared genuine or the odd ones that looked uncomfortably like a power brokerage, there were some that appeared to be a fearful grasp at guidance in face of some uncertainty. Of these, my memory wants to place a handful (ugh) in precarious environmental conditions (hmm) such as slopes or stairs. It would be interesting to know if there is any truth to this assertion. It could lend a human perspective much needed and as much at odds with what he goes out of his way to preach.


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