10 January 2017

A revised "Girl's Life" cover

Putting her graphic skills to work, in just a few minutes, Katherine [Young] swapped out the cover girl for Olivia Hallisey, the 2015 Google Science Fair Grand Prize winner, and photoshopped in some new, inspired and empowering headlines. The result? A magazine cover that offers girls better alternatives to tips on how to “Wake up Pretty.”
Background and more commentary (and a larger view of the revised cover) at Women You Should Know.


  1. SHe's making a very good point, but there's a little more to the story. See http://www.snopes.com/girls-life-vs-boys-life-magazine-covers/
    I started reading it and went, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, oh that's a good point too. Hmmmmm."
    So maybe you'll get that too :-)

  2. The one on the right is much more appealing. Read the snopes article, and it just means that the left cover should simply NEVER happen, ever. Picking the worst one and revamping it doesn't change that the worst one happened, and would never have a male analogue.

  3. I would have loved a magazine like the one on the right as a teen. I felt so lost trying to figure out how life works & how not to mess it up. All the makeup advice in the world wasn't comforting for real problems....
    That said, do teens read magazines? Even in the dusty old days of the 90s it was on the wane

  4. This magazine is aimed at 10 to 16 year old girls. Which cover do they find more appealing? I have no idea. I was born in 1952, my daughter's children are about the target age of this magazine. I will not presume to think I know what goes on (or should go on) in the minds of current teens. Neither cover did much for this geezer...


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