12 October 2016

"Euthanasia coaster"

The Euthanasia Coaster is an art concept for a steel roller coaster designed to kill its passengers.  In 2010, it was designed and made into a scale model by Julijonas Urbonas, a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. Urbonas, who has worked at an amusement park, stated that the goal of his concept roller coaster is to take lives "with elegance and euphoria"...

The concept design of the layout begins with a steep-angled lift to the 510-metre (1,670 ft) (0.317 mile) top, which would take two minutes for the 24-passenger train to reach. From there, a 500-metre (1,600 ft) drop would take the train to 360 kilometres per hour (220 mph), close to its terminal velocity, before flattening out and speeding into the first of its seven slightly clothoid inversions. Each inversion would have a smaller diameter than the one before in order to maintain the lethal 10 g to passengers while the train loses speed. After a sharp right-hand turn the train would enter a straight, where unloading of corpses and loading of new passengers could take place...
Image credit: By Svg: RicHard-59 - svg Based on design by London Royal College of Art student Julijonas Urbonas 2010., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikipedia.


  1. That's definitely not the way I want to go!

  2. Interesting tidbit from Wiki:

    The Euthanasia Coaster would kill its passengers through prolonged cerebral hypoxia, or insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.[1] The ride's seven inversions would inflict 10 g on its passengers for 60 seconds – causing g-force related symptoms starting with gray out through tunnel vision to black out and eventually g-LOC (g-force induced loss of consciousness).[3] Subsequent inversions would serve as insurance against unintentional survival of particularly robust passengers.[3]

  3. Why not just pass a law so that those who want to end their lives could take an injection or pills and drift off to sleep for eternity? Why waste all that money to build a scaffold to scare us to death? Some of us are ready and willing to go as soon as the election results are published. I'm one of them.

  4. A medium-quality red wine in a drip bag sounds fine to me, thank you.


  5. Talk about scared to death of roller coasters...

  6. i wonder what the math equation is for that?


  7. First the grain elevator- now.... this!?

    To be sure- ya just gotta admire the thought that went into it.


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