10 October 2016

"Bump-and-run carjacking"

"...The woman told police she was driving west on the Beltline when a SUV began tailgating her. The driver of the SUV eventually rear-ended her car, prompting her to pull over near the South Park Street exit, with the SUV pulling in behind her.

She said three men got out and one yelled at the woman and told her to take a look at the damage to the front bumper of the SUV. The woman said she was going back to her car to call police for help when one of the men pushed past her, got in the driver’s seat and drove away. At the same time, the other two men got back into their SUV and sped away, police said.

Milwaukee police later reported that the car was used in an armed robbery at a Walgreens in Milwaukee...

[A police spokesman] said any motorists who doesn't feel right about a situation should sit tight.
"We would recommend that if things don't feel right, don't get out of the car.  Lock the doors and call 9-1-1.  Get police there right away."


  1. I immediately thought of the movie "Flirting With Disaster," which featured the bump-and-run prominently (and comedically):


  2. Similar thing happened to a friend driving in Spain. A driver in the lane deside her signaled that something was wrong with her tire (or something) and that she should pullover andbcheck it out. They pulled over with her and two nen got out of the car. One directed her to her rear wheel on the driver side, dustracting her with some techno-waffel, while the other opened the passenger side and stole her bag. Pretty silly to fall for it. I mean for a woman, pulling over on a highway with two strange men in a strange country. I'm a guy and I don't think I'd attempt that. She got the bag back in the end, by locating her labtop with the internet


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