12 August 2014

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid

A tourist seeking to take pictures of Yellowstone National Park crashed a camera-equipped drone into its largest hot spring, possibly damaging the prized geothermal feature, a park official said on Wednesday...

It was not clear if the drone that crashed Grand Prismatic Spring on Saturday and sank into its depths would damage the geothermal feature, park spokesman Al Nash said, and officials were still trying to decide whether to remove it.
More at The Raw Story, including this interesting tidbit:
Fishing Cone Geyser on the edge of Yellowstone Lake was a popular catch-and-cook site for anglers.  “People would... catch a fish and then drop that fish into the thermal feature where it would cook,” said Nash.

He added: “Once it was determined there was arsenic in the geyser water, that practice stopped."


  1. I'm assuming places like Disneyland will make camera drones verboten at some point, if they haven't already. The idea of a gaggle of tourists anywhere, the sky over them crowded with little buzzing robots, zipping about, barely under control... gah! I'll just stay home.

  2. "It was not clear if the drone... would damage the geothermal feature." Seriously?? I'm sure no bird crap, dead birds, airborne trash, insects, pollen, etc. end up in the water. One relatively tiny toy is going to permanently and irreversibly damage this open body of water? But another one they were dunking fish in for years?

    Sighhhhh.... It's ok to not like drones & RC flying devices, but this is asinine.


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