01 August 2014


South Africa's animal rights body is probing the death of a giraffe that was reportedly injured as it was being transported on a motorway.

Eyewitnesses say the giraffe, one of two on a truck, hit its head on a bridge on Johannesburg's N1 motorway.
(For those unfamiliar with the term, FFS is defined at the Urban Dictionary.  Warning - profanity).


  1. More here:

    " “Our investigations so far showed that the transport used was inadequate and incorrect," said the SPCA's Rick Allan.

    "There are lots of projectiles flying around on the highway (and) especially leaving an animal with its head sticking out blindfolded, is looking for problems.” "

  2. Can't fathom the callousness and stupidity involved in this...

  3. One would naturally assume that the transport route would have been checked for maximum height clearances prior to the move being started. The excuse that the animals craned their necks is about the lamest reaction that could be possible.


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