21 August 2014

Who should get trophies? all kids? or just winners?

I'm not familiar with the Reason-Rupe poll, but FYI here are some results as posted at Reason.com.

The latest Reason-Rupe poll finds that when it comes to kids and their trophies, 57 percent of Americans think only the winning players should receive them. Another 40 percent say all kids on a sport team should receive a trophy for their participation.

The desire for “every kid to get a trophy” strongly correlates with political beliefs. Fully 66 percent of Republicans want only the kids who win to receive trophies, while 31 percent say all kids on the team should receive them. In contrast, Democrats are evenly divided with 48 percent who say all kids, and another 48 percent who say only the winners should receive a trophy.

The competitive desire for winners to be rewarded correlates with fiscal conservatism. Among those who only think winners should get a trophy, 64 percent have a favorable view of capitalism, 64 percent thinks markets better solve problems than government, and 63 percent favor smaller government providing fewer services. In contrast, among those who think all kids should get a trophy, a plurality (49%) have an unfavorable view of capitalism, 50 percent thinks a strong government better solves problems than the free market, and 54 percent favor larger government providing more services.

More info and graphics at the link.


  1. A certificate of participation is fine for everyone but only the winners should get trophies.

    1. What does the certificate accomplish?

    2. Why get a degree when you can just show up at a college and get educated by attending classes and lectures?

  2. I think it depends upon the age of the child. Younger children, daycare and kindergarten age, could each receive a small token for participation, but older children should receive trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. We all have to learn "the agony of defeat."

  3. Depends on the goal of the activity. Is it to allow children to experience movement? Is it to instill the benefits of an active lifestyle? Is it a tool used by schools to help children achieve their best in the classroom? Or is it about being the best 3rd grader at T-ball and knowing it because you got the trophy? Kids already know who is good at stuff and who isn't. The trophies don't change that. With our skyrocketing obesity problems, maybe we should be a bit more encouraging of those who aren't "star athletes" at age 8 and try to get as many people involved as possible.


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