07 August 2014

A young girl rescues her books from the rubble of mideast war

The girl is Palestinian, but she could have been Israeli, because, as the Kikuyu people in Kenya say, "When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers."

The source for the image is a bit uncertain because it has been retweeted so often.  This from the Reddit thread: "The oldest source for the image I can find it from a Twitter account based in Kuwait called (according to Google translate) "Code 00965," that tweeted it on July 27. The other sources are all from after that. It looks like some Indian people who work in the oil industry picked it up, then it got retweeted by Buzzfeed India, which is where it was more broadly circulated before people started picking it up in image searches and whatnot."


  1. Thank you for sharing this; incredible photos.

  2. I love her! I would do my best to save books, too.

  3. But the grass that got trampled in this "war" was very much on one side- how much rubble resulted in Israel?

    1. I agree, Stan. It is unfair to suppose that that demolished building could ever be on the israeli side.

  4. No, she COULDN'T be Israeli, because NO ISRAELIS ARE LIVING IN RUBBLE.

    Jesus christ.

    1. Photo of Israeli home reduced to rubble here -

      Also this in daiily news Egypt -

      and here---

      Not the same amount as damage in Palestine, but your allcaps is wrong.

      And you should not take the name of my Lord in vain shame on you.

    2. The difference in damage proportion is so astouding! Look at the size of that hole in the kitchen wall. That's one of the few kassam rockets that wasn't catch on the iron dome - these lame, primitive rockets, made out of trash and fueled by fertilizer, that need to literally hit people to kill them...

      In the mean time Israel attacks with blockbusters and tanks, cirurgically targetting hospitals and schools in a land they illegally occupy. What the palestinians are doing is, indeed, much less than their right to resist - and what we, the rest of humanity, are doing, much less than our responsability to protect.

      It's like shooting a guy in the head and claiming reparation for bruises. YOU are the one who should be ashamed.

  5. I really enjoy your blog but regrettably, this is one of the more sloppy posts. You're proliferating propaganda. Few would debate that a child saving books in a war zone brings about a lot of sentiment. However, I suspect you've been had. If you look further it's reasonable to assume, based on the effectiveness and patters of Palestinian propaganda, that the Palestinians (like the Israel and any successful participant in warfare since Sun Tzu) guided foreign journalists (who are on tough deadlines and face fierce competition) to scene.
    Again, great blog and I'm sure it's very tough to put together such great material so frequently, but you've (probably) fallen victim to a very effective propaganda machine on this post.

    1. ... it's reasonable to assume..."

      That's the problem right there (and admittedly, we're all prone to do it)- we should not assume!


    2. Anonymous person, I appreciate your comment and your desire to help me understand wartime propaganda, but it's not clear to me what you think I should do. I don't believe you're saying that the incident didn't happen or was faked, but rather that it happened and certain Palestinians took advantage of it by having it photographed. So would you prefer that I just ignore such wartime incidents - pretend they didn't happen, or admit that they do happen but it's not important or should be kept secret?

      If you browse my several hundred posts tagged "war" -


      - I think you can quickly ascertain my attitude toward war in general, but I also have a special concern for the children of wartime -


      If those are propaganda photos, so be it. Ich kann nicht anders.


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