15 May 2014

Word trivia: corgwn

"Corgi" is a Welsh word - a compound of cor (dwarf) and ci (dog).  The proper plural form is thus "Corgwn" -
"Oh, look, there go Daniel Craig, the Queen, and her two corgwn"
- which I believe would be pronounced something like "corgoon."

I list this as "trivia" because the word has been so Anglicized that "corgis" is in common usage, and your use of "corgwn" in a conversation will be seen as pompous intellectualism, unless perhaps you engage your audience by also sharing some of the other English words derived from Welsh (penguin?).

I learned about corgwn from a QI podcast - about which more later after I've finished listening to the lot.


  1. As my circle of friends takes gleeful delight in using needlessly de-Anglicised plurals, I shall adopt "corgwn" immediately. And "pennaugwynn" for "penguins" too, because etymologically "correct" infix plurals are just too pompous to pass up.

  2. Her majesty may not know the correct plural, but I'll bet a biscuit that Charles does. I'm told that he's the first Prince of Wales to become proficient in the language since that title was established in the 14th century.

  3. I love pennaugwynn as a plural for penguin.

    1. Greetings, James. I've just finished listening to the podcasts and plan to address a topic or two from there in the coming weeks.


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