21 May 2014

Kuwaiti clown car

There must be some kind of visual trickery here, but I don't know how it was done.  Was an image of the van digitally pasted over a bus? When the last man exits the van, his body size seems to change between the back of the vehicle and the doorstep. A trick of perspective, or a clue to the methodology?

Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath.  The watermark indicates another via here.


  1. That's awesome. I would guess that the apparent size change of the last guy is just perspective, and also lighting - he goes from crouched inside a dark car to standing in full sunlight.

    By my count, it's 19 people exiting the vehicle. I'd believe it's possible to fit that many inside a large SUV for a short period of time. I've been one of 12 college students in a 3' x 4' closet. It's amazing how many people you can pack in when you decide full-body contact is okay. Or more likely, I suspect the trick is at the very start of the video. We see the SUV pull forward a few feet and then stop - it doesn't start entirely outside the frame. There could be half a dozen or more people hidden behind it the entire time.

    Now I want to recruit some friends and go try it out!

    1. Stumbled across a Guinness World Record of 18 in a Smart Car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHlWUHYA6aY The people in the Kuwaiti video aren't packed anywhere near that tightly!

  2. Seems unlikely that it could possibly be real. I did notice though that whoever created it seemed to include the suspension rising as more people exited.

  3. The windows look fogged, perhaps to help conceal the people that were hiding on the far side of the car. It could have driven slow as they goosestepped forward and then the frame speed increased for the film.

  4. I work as an animator and often have to do visual effects, so if I had to do this and HAD to fake it, I would film people getting out of the SUV, let them get back in, get out again from different areas, and repeat. Clever masking and editing can make it look like people only get out. I'd do a lot of takes to ensure I had usable footage in case there was an issue with some of the door interaction, shadows, etc. Adding/removing bricks could help with the changing suspension. The video quality could have been dropped to hide edges on some of the tougher masks. Still... it's WAY easier to do something for real than to try and fake it.

  5. Sorry....no "Yakkity Sax" no sped up video....no interest. ;)

  6. You only see 13 people get out of the vehicle. The others appear from around the other side, and so there is no evidence that they were ever 'in' the vehicle.

    Since you only see the vehicle travel a couple of feet, it's entirely possible that there are a dozen people hidden on its other side. Then some can walk around the end of the vehicle, and others can get *in* the vehicle on the far side and then exit on this side.


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