02 May 2014

Coathangers recycled into birds' nests

This is done by the birds, typically crows in Japanese cities where sticks for constructing nests are difficult to come by.

Details (and additional photos) at Amusing Planet, via Neatorama.


  1. When I lived in Tokyo, I used to watch crows collecting hangers from my neighbors' balconies. The crows would fly up, usually in pairs, and they would work together to remove any clothing from the hanger. Then one would fly off with the hanger. They'd hit each balcony for 2-3 hangers before moving on to the next balcony. Amazing to see what the nests look like!

    The Japanese are very wary and respectful of the crows and I was told many times to avoid doing anything mean to crows because they will remember and punish you!

    1. That is fascinating, Rosa. When I saw the photos, I assumed the Japanese were being careless with hangers, discarding them or littering with them. I never imagined the birds would remove clothes from hangers to acquire them. Thanks for the info!


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