23 May 2014

Bring back phone booths !

This phone booth:
" ...just installed in my mom's office. There's no phone. It's just a soundproof box for using your cell phone."
I am so very, very, very tired of having to listen to other people's phone conversations.


  1. Excellent idea I can see the ad campaign now: "Be polite, don't do it in public."

  2. I heard someone say the other day that the disappearance of phone booths means that Superman has nowhere to change anymore. Bring back phone booths!

    Even if you're using a cellphone.

  3. Great idea, especially if there were USB slots in there to keep your phone charged up also.

  4. I think this is a great idea. I work in shared office and would love to have somewhere private to make a phone call. Having said that, I would like to have somewhere private to WORK as well. Would it be a breach of protocol to just take my laptop into one of those?

  5. On another site, a good while ago, some wag suggested that if a person is having a loud cellphone conversation, just start injecting words of advice or other commentary, and get your friends to do so as well. Really gets the point across.

    P.S.: Do not do in Florida or other Stand Your Ground states. :/

    1. We need to have 'One for men'..... and 'Six for women' with metered timers, that go off after 5 minutes, because they just can't seem to stop talking!

    2. If people behind you in lecture start talking loudly: open a Word file on your laptop screen and start typing 72-point commentary on their conversation. YOU'RE RIGHT; ASHLEY IS BEING A BAD FRIEND.


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