24 June 2012

Potash mining

Here it is (or at least a similar one) on Google Earth Hacks.

Photo credit Vision Aerie, via Uniformitarianism and A London Salmagundi.


  1. I find salt ponds quite mesmerizing, too.

    Check the salt flats at the southern end of San Francisco Bay (37.494609,-122.02137)or the Sivash salt marsh in Crimea (46.099662,33.875313).

    Their colours change all the time due to the changes in saline concentration and the types of halophile bacteria that thrive in that particular environment.

    There is more about red brine lakes here:


  2. Did I miss a post explaining this in greater detail? I'm a little confused as to what potash mining is.

    1. You didn't miss anything here; I posted the photo because it's a visually interesting image. You can learn a little about the process by reading the comments at the Google Earth link.


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