29 January 2017

It's hard to win a race when you fall down

Especially at the start of the bell lap.

This event was part of the 2008 Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championships.

This young woman's performance reminds me of "Alexis Conquers the Hurdles," which is the most inspirational sports video I've posted.

Reposted because I had to find a new video to replace the old one, which had undergone linkrot.

Also found an interview with her memories of that race.


  1. Ehh, cheater. She fell so she could get the endorphins and adrenalin so as to make that comeback!

    "Immediately after injury, endorphins allow animals to feel a sense of power and control over themselves that allows them to persist with activity for an extended time."

    Of course, I'm kidding. But that would be an interesting tactic.

  2. Holy cow, that exhausted me just watching her! Brings a whole new meaning to the expression "you go, girl!".

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkXsjfVnG0k

    Lasse Viren Munchen Olympics 1972

  4. inspiring, but... the vid appears to have been recorded in 4:3 format and is displayed 16:9(both in embed and youtube) this significantly alters the participants physiques.


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