21 December 2010

Nonsuicidal man saved from not committing suicide

The story comes from the Mail Online, so perhaps needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but pending any corrections or retractions, here's how the story stands now:
Mark Moody was talking on his mobile phone and enjoying a smoke on the ledge when two policemen asked if he was trying to kill himself, even though he was just 12ft from the ground...

An indignant Mr Moody refused to let the police into his flat but they apparently forced their way in anyway and allegedly dragged him out of the window sill and threw him on his front before handcuffing him.

The trial lawyer from New York was then taken to a psychiatric hospital, where medics immediately realised the error and apologised...

Mr Moody had been smoking away on the window of his Peck Slip home on a warm August day when he caught the attention of the two policemen.

One allegedly asked: 'Are you about to commit suicide?'

Mr Moody replied sarcastically: 'If I was going to commit suicide, this would be a pretty dumb place to. If I jumped from here, I'd just sprain my ankle.'

He explained that he did not want to get smoke in the apartment...
More at the link, via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. Technically he was slowly killing himself with the tobacco...

  2. Can you think of any other reasons NOT to smoke?


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