29 November 2010

This dog dish just sold for $27,450

Found at the Los Angeles Times' Culture Monster column.  Five other dog bowls which sold for over $1,000 each are also depicted.

Note this was "created as part of the Bowl Project, which benefits PAWS/LA, a nonprofit that helps low-income elderly and the chronically ill keep and care for their pets. "


  1. A fool and their money.....

  2. Right, and I guess I should have pointed that out in the post. Will amend.

  3. No worries, I didn't think you goofed. It was obvious in the linked-to article, which makes the comments people left there a bit strange. The buyers are not fools, they are philanthropists.

    But it sure doesn't look like most of the artists put much effort into it. The artists do deserve ridicule.


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