30 November 2010

The Seven Sutherland Sisters

The story of "The Amazing Sisters Sutherland" is detailed at Sideshow World.
They were America's first celebrity models. In the 1880s, fashion's era of bustles and puffs, they became one of the sexiest, most popular performing attractions in The Greatest Show on Earth... They came from the poverty of Cambria, New York, a rural farm community, and rode their dynamic singing talent and exotic looks to wealth and international fame, becoming global trendsetters, and even marrying into royalty.

As Gilded Age divas, they sang, played piano, modeled, and offered hair care and beauty advice to millions... They had hair magnetism; hair was their art, their source of power and eventual wealth. In the days when few people trusted physicians, when secret home-made remedies, quackery, and self-doctoring flourished, they helped set the standards by which models and celebrities would endorse and sell namesake beauty products...
Via Teatime with a Faun, via Titam et le Sirop d'Erable.


  1. I've read the link and had it translated for me from the French by Google. It was almost incomprehensible -- "his" for "her", etc. -- and I couldn't understand some of what was translated.

  2. Jerry, read the Sideshow World link, not the French links.

    p.s. Dallas? I spent ten years there, living in an apartment on Lemmon Avenue (under the Love Field takeoffs) and in one on Cedar Springs Ave.


  3. Thanks. That's much better.
    Yes, in Texas. You probably won't recognize the Love Field area now; it has changed a lot, what with DFW Airport handling the vast majority of flights.
    P.S. You're probably wondering why I change the name around some; it simply amuses me to do so.

  4. It was over 30 years ago when I lived there; I'm sure everything has changed. They probably don't even have sawdust on the floors of the C-W bars any more.

  5. sexy huh....times have changed


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