30 November 2010

Sean Connery talks about politics (1965)

From an interview in Look magazine in 1965:
I’ve never voted since I was born. What’s the point? Things go on just the same, and politics is all a question of money: the more money you have, the more successful you are in politics...

It’s all a question of money, my dear, money! I feel sympathy for the workers of course; I was one of them. But I’ve never deluded myself that they’re Jesus Christs. God! I’ve lived too long among them not to know they’re not Jesus Christs. Ideologies leave me cold. I’ve never liked people who talk, I like people who get on with things and do them well and do them thoroughly, without speeches. I’m a practical man.

Do you see what I mean? I admire something done, accomplished and successfully finished, not something theorized and philosophized about. Nothing appeals to me more than strength, energy, enthusiasm...
Found at Old Hollywood.  Photo by Leo Fuchs (1963).

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