24 November 2010

Interesting hat

Click for bigger.  I'm not mocking the hat; rather, I'm wondering if anyone can offer information about the era and the ethnicities or cultural affinities involved in her wardrobe.  Other interesting hats here, here, here, and here.

Found at Couleurs.

Addendum:  A tip of MY hat to shibori78, who discovered a similar hat in a photo of a young woman from lower Saxony:
He found this at fleurdecoucou's Flickr photostream, where it is accompanied by this text:
"Phot. Fr. Wehde, Bückeburg - Stadthagen, Germany, ca1905-10.  Young woman wearing the traditional Westerten (Bückeburg) costume (Bückeburg is a small town in Lower Saxony, Germany, on the border with North Rhine Westphalia.)"


  1. I've seen something similar somewhere -- just can't remember where. It may indicate a particular region in old Germany.

  2. I'd vote for a Slavonic country, judging by the look of the fellow and the Eastern-European-looking outfit on the woman.

  3. I did some research and it appears that this is an example of German folk dress, specifically from Buckeburg. Here's a photo with the exact same hat:


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