07 July 2009

"Remembrance of Thongs Past"

The above photo of the legs of six naked women has been circulating widely, accompanied by the challenge:
"Guess which one is the blonde."
After refocusing one's thought processes and studying it in terms of "which one is not like the others" the answer becomes clear. I thought it was just a simple joke until I found the entire photo (below), apparently from the Vanity Fair article about Victoria's Secret.

The girl third from the left IS in fact blonde. I can only assume that the misalignment of the legs was intentionally done as an inside joke, but I haven't encountered any confirmation.


  1. Wow! That took me a LONG time to "get" the joke. (And I am a brunette!)

  2. I found it more entertaining to look for the minute difference...so much so that it actually took me a minute or two to realize that the "blonde's" leg positions were inverted. For some reason I focused on the shoes, noticing that the fourth girl was wearing a shoe with a heel strap.

    Sigh...guess I fail at this one. I'll go dye my hair blonde now.

  3. I still don't get the joke! I get that the blonde is standing on her left leg and raising her right, the opposite of the others, but what's funny about that??

    (The other major difference among the women is that the one on the far right doesn't have her left hand on her hip.)

  4. @Swift - it's nothing complex. Just the old meme that "blondes are stupid" and this one has lifted the wrong leg. Whether it's funny or not may depend on your hair color and your view of "ethnic" jokes...


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