29 July 2009

On behalf of the sane people in America...

... I'd like to apologize to the people of Amsterdam for the assertion by FOX news that their city is a "cesspool of corruption" where people "teach their children how to have safe sex and smoke grass" and to which "all the criminals and drug addicts in Europe" have flocked so that now "crime is out of control" and "anarchy" reigns.

via Buzzfeed.


  1. LOL. That was an awesome rebuttal. That guy should work for their tourist department.

  2. Speak only for yourself. We'll decide about the sanity issue.

  3. They're not lying about the safe sex. And Amsterdam parents do teach their children how to behave around pot (use), because it's everywhere.

    Amsterdam children of the nineties (now in their twenties) are too jaded to even bother. If it's not sinful and hardly illegal, it's no fun either.


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