25 July 2009

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

With the impending release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, we probably will be hearing this classic Jeffeerson Airplane piece more frequently. I've embedded a video from 1967; I suspect it was a lip-synched performance, since the audio is exactly like the famous recording, but it's still good to see a young Grace Slick again.

For an immense collection of non-Tenniel Alice illustrations (including many that are NSFW), see the ofellabuta blog's Alice category. There's amazing art stored there, and lots of Alice links.

Addendum: ritwik found the Woodstock performance two years later, in which Grace displays the power of her voice.


  1. I had just heard it on the radio just before I came home.

    And you know what? I don't mind listening to it again, because it is an excellent song.

  2. I just stumbled on your site - love your work.

    I don't know if you ever saw the LM Boyd column, Grab Bag, but it was a weekly column with around 40 short factoids some of them related, some just thrown off. It was my favorite thing in the paper for years.

    Boyd retired and then died. I understand they tried to find someone to take his place, but no one could come up with 40 interesting facts a week for more than a few weeks running. You might want to give it a shot - he was syndicated in 400 papers and was probably rolling in money.


  3. I used to Love to read LM Boyd.
    This website does resemble some of his writings.

  4. just wondering if you noticed the Fender ad on the side band of my blog?

    excellent video, was watching late late, or early early tv last night the history channel had an infomercial on a cd set of music from this era, Love Power or some title, started to notice there were no Led Zeppelin tunes, but thats a bit off subject.

    enjoy reading your work.

  5. here's the woodstock version...amazin' grace :)...


  6. @ritwik - thanks. Added to the post.


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