29 July 2009

Here's the O'Reilly clip...

...in which he explains that life expectancy is higher in Canada than the United States because the U.S. has ten times as many people and therefore ten times as many deaths from accidents, crime, "and down the line."

It just lasts 15 seconds, but serves to show what passes for insight and analysis on network news. I don't even know why I bother posting stuff like this. I've managed to ignore Ben Stein and other such idiots. Maybe I should just consign O'Reilly to the "celebrity" category with Paris Hilton and others whom I don't consider worth a mouse click...


  1. You'll drive yourself crazy! Billo is intellectually vacant.

  2. lol wow. I once spent an entire summer watching Fox News. Thought it was fake for the first week or so. Then it horror.. then finally a comedy. Over here in the UK you could not get away with such ignorance!

  3. here comes Bill "Boko Haram" O'Reilly...

  4. I would love to see a REAL analysis of the different causes of death between Canada and the US based upon per cap. I admit, the US has a culture of violence whose lethality is improved by our love of firearms. But unsubstantiated claims like Bill's need to be backed up with real facts.

  5. I know you stray from political or ideological commentary by policy on this blog (which I appreciate), but I always love the reason and thoughtfulness in what aspects of your opinions you allow through.

    I'm loathe to equate having a negative view of Papa Bear as expressing "political opinion", but so many (backed up by the ratings you posted recently) consider his tirades legit.

  6. Brian - "I admit, the US has a culture of violence whose lethality is improved by our love of firearms."



    Here is a snippet from the NY Times:


    According to the study, published last year in The Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, European nations with more guns had lower murder rates. As summarized in a brief filed by several criminologists and other scholars supporting the challenge to the Washington law, the seven nations with the most guns per capita had 1.2 murders annually for every 100,000 people. The rate in the nine nations with the fewest guns was 4.4.

  7. And O'Reilly's Fox show recently was the most viewed "news" show!

  8. I miss the days when he was on Inside Edition. At least then he was hidden away and not poisoning too many minds. Part of me says "please, ignore the fools" in your blog, but then the other part of me says "thanks, I wouldn't know what these idiots are up to without a whistle-blower like you".

  9. Keep putting them on when they are so concise. Thanks.


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