09 September 2008

Loveseats and liquor... in movie theaters...

The movie theaters at the Mall of America are undergoing a makeover that includes love seats for snuggling, a VIP theater with food and liquor service brought to moviegoers' seats, and 3D capabilities.

All 14 theaters will have "high-back rocker love seats," meaning each seat can "fit more than one person..."

Alcohol will be available on a limited basis in the 170-seat VIP theater. VIP patrons will have individual tables attached to their seats and be offered food and beverage service... A series of special events and promotions will include a "date night," featuring a movie, dessert and wine bar.

(image credit here)

1 comment:

  1. They have to do something to compete with home theaters.

    Carefully piecing mine together from ebay deals I have sound in my basement that rivals anything but the most top notch theaters... and I can pause, drink, and cuddle with the wife. :)


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