12 February 2018

Geography of Lincoln Island

Do you remember where this is? (image source long since lost)


  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mysterious_Island

  2. Yep, Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. Loose sequel to 20,000 Leagues. A childhood favorite, although it doesn't hold up too well to and adult re-reading.

  3. I'll bet you know this but forgot: right click on any image and you'll get a bunch of choices, one of which is: "Search Google for image". I'll bet that's how the previous 2 commenters found out - it was what google gave me also (whole search string): https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZiu8-t379L_112c6MBAFfDT_1qNOIjsGe-LeNEyii_1XV9iSTI1e57s3-XsNl2xCC_1JOHZfsODdXY-MUEAbxkMmNThFkBSZ2rgLGkBQgviYsPRHzOymiBGBDmcOlKBnSTvOucmLwUFN6-6Fluzi_1j9RPhhW956tXaTDtNoBnqh7qkXO5ems4qrZCC22XykiTjS0W_1isXZ6VirEIOTbKsBoFJugIFp_12LEvzqBZL0N7oXQNqoI4FP91X-HHnTXa-gn4ndeabWSMKFewkTzIxaqQ4tgpy9yqLGoDXwTuwQicJeAhGB0okKuezbGVko5QXCX5MLYtLaQNVQpbq9aKsPq5mVrWrPw_1TxA

    1. Oh, I knew what it was (I put the Wikipedia link in the text); I was just inviting readers to guess before hovering over the link.

      The right-click trick you suggest doesn't come up as an option for whatever reason when I'm on Firefox. What I do to find image info is to copy/paste the image url into Google Images (probably the same effect you achieve with one right-click).

    2. the right click suggestion works with chrome.



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