24 July 2015

Travel tip

(Helen Mirren) admits she never takes her own garments away with her, instead choosing to pick up outfits from second-hand stores as soon as she arrives at her destination.

She says, "I love a good charity shop, especially when I'm travelling. When I'm going to cold places, I take nothing - just underwear. On my way from the airport, I ask the driver to take me to a good charity shop, and I buy boots, socks, trousers, jumpers, sweaters, hats and scarves - usually for £30."

But the actress never keeps the items: "On the way back to the airport, I have it all in a big bag and drop it off at another charity shop."


  1. I'm sending this to my daughter . . .

  2. Who doesn't love a pop off at the ole charity shoppe? I got my favorite leather coat at one years ago.

  3. I love this story!

  4. I too am sending this to my daughter and her mother. She is headed to college in Appleton WI after going to high school in Boca Raton FL.


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