22 September 2008

Neatorama - a Recommended Blog

Anyone who has visited TYWKIWDBI on a regular basis should recognize Neatorama, because I have frequently linked to material there, or used material there as an inspiration for a blog entry (on a quick search now I find 50 mentions of Neatorama in TYWKIWDBI's 1400 blog entries.)

The strength of Neatorama comes from its governance; the blog is the creation of Alex Santoso, but he has assembled a group of several dozen contributing bloggers, so that Neatorama becomes a compendium of their creations and discoveries.

Neatorama also has a significant amount of original material; for an example, look at this fascinating list of idiot savants compiled by Alex. And the amount of material is overwhelming; this is a blog that will reward a daily check.

Technorati ranks Neatorama in their Top 100 (out of I think 12 million blogs). The overall spectrum of content seldom includes politics and current events, but instead leans toward light-hearted and ephemeral items. I think it's fair to say that if you enjoy TYWKIWDBI, you should be monitoring Neatorama.

Previous entry in this series: The Presurfer. In the months to come I'll cover J-Walk and Nothing to do with Arbroath.

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