10 February 2018

Trigger warning

From a list of objects that were mistaken for guns during shootings of civilians by police in the United States since 2001.
Cordless drill
Water-hose nozzle
Shower rod
Bottle of cologne
Bottle of beer...
The list continues at Harper's.


  1. Heer is where I come from on this: My father was a police officer killed in the line of duty when I was 12. He gave a teenager too long to show his hands. While many of the things on this list could hardly be mistaken for a gun, many could be considered deadly weapons. An officer has a second or two to decide if what is pointed at him/her is a gun. A cordless drill, a water hose nozzle, even a flashlight can appear to be a handgun under certain circumstances. Do you want to visit your son as he lay dying in an emergency room, listening to him say, "I thought it was just a fancy hose nozzle he had in his hand?"

    Teach you children to obey police directives. Put down what is in your hand, keep your empty hands in plain sight, get on your knees with your hands clasped behind your head, do what you are told. If your rights are violated, you can have your day in court. I would rather spend thousands of dollars suing the local police than spend thousands burying my son, or father.

    1. If you're Black in America, you can get shot dead by police for attempting to show them your... gun permit.

    2. Can also add camera tripod to list...


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