07 February 2018

Muslims accused of planning to "infiltrate" the Minnesota Republican party

Two Minnesota Republican state lawmakers and a local GOP official are facing scrutiny after they reportedly shared a Facebook post accusing Muslims of preparing to “infiltrate” the party’s caucuses this month.
State Reps. Kathy Lohmer and Cindy Pugh, shared the post created by Dave Sina, chairman of the Fourth Congressional District GOP, this week, according to the Star Tribune. Sina has since taken it down, but not before the Star Tribune captured a screenshot
In the post, Sina said a friend of his had attended a caucus training session held at a mosque by the Muslim American Society. MAS is a nonpartisan organization that promotes civic engagement among American Muslims with local chapters across the U.S.
Sina claimed that Muslims are trying to “infiltrate our republican caucuses on Feb. 6” and that “they didn’t talk about the general election but I am sure they are ahead of us in that as well.”
More at the Huffington Post and the links.


  1. Racism and prejudice: the president sets such a good example...

  2. The word is "join," not "infiltrate." I guess we know who's not welcome in the Minnesota Republican party.

    1. Given the actions and words of the Republican President (ugh, I still can't stomach those words applied to that man...), does this really surprise you?

  3. Well, they're equal opportunity bigots in Wisconsin --
    this was from December: Wisconsin GOP candidate accuses Jew of ‘pretending’ to be white so he can ‘undermine’ the white race https://www.rawstory.com/2017/12/wisconsin-gop-candidate-accuses-jew-of-pretending-to-be-white-so-he-can-undermine-the-white-race/


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