27 February 2018

Adaptive clothing line at Target

Target’s latest women’s fashion line was designed with all bodies in mind, including those with disabilities and sensory-sensitivities. On Monday, Target announced its clothing line, Universal Thread, will feature sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing items.

Universal Thread will be available starting February 4, in stores and online, with prices ranging from $5 to $39.99. The design team worked with almost 1,000 women to figure out the biggest qualms when shopping for jeans.

The fashion line is centered around denim since it is a staple in many women’s wardrobes, but denim can be uncomfortable for many people with disabilities or sensory issues. The line will include denim that has flattened seams to reduce pressure points and jeans with wider legs to help with dressing. The back of the jeans will be pocket-less and will have a higher rise. Sensory-friendly shirts will have flat seams, softer material and no tags.
Note also the absence of back pockets and rivets.  Persons with significant physical impairments know how difficult it can be to find suitable clothing that is affordable, rather than custom-made.  Even simple modifications, such as those in this Target line, can make a world of difference in terms of self-sufficiency and personal confidence. 

Notice how the substitution of magnetic closures rather than tiny buttons makes this adaptive shirt much easier to put on.


  1. Wow, I'm headed for Target! I don't have any disabilities, but tags and bulky seams drive me crazy. The first thing I do when I buy clothing is pull out the tags and resew the seams.

  2. No pockets? Not even back pockets? And men wonder why women carry such big bags. .

    1. No back pockets because that location is difficult to access when one is sitting in a wheelchair.


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